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Was there ever any doubt?

November 3 2004

The highly anticipated presidential elections are over, the dye has been cast, and while more than half the country breathes a sigh of relief, the remainder is doing all it can to suppress the seething rage that threatens to overtake common sense.

To anyone who has been inclined to ask what I thought about these elections, I did not shy away from saying that I believed wholeheartedly that President Bush would retain the presidency.  In October of 2003, I preached in a friend's church in Kansas, and made the same assertion, which was readily filmed, and distributed.  As many know, I try to stay away from politics, but this was one exception, because from a Biblical perspective it could not have come out any other way.

Shortly after waking up on November 2, I started getting phone calls from friends and acquaintances, asking me if I'd seen the exit poles, asking if I still believed that there was any hope for President Bush.  One call went as far as saying I should make a public statement on the Hand of Help website recanting my previous opinion of a Bush victory, before the poles closed, so that I would not be made to look the fool.  After about the tenth call I started getting a little flustered, and the next caller, who happened to be a close friend, got a piece of my mind.  Impatience is the trademark of the foolhardy, I told him, and if Bush loses the election tonight, I will never preach again, or make public another dream that I receive.  Again, from a Biblical perspective, the choice was clear.

If one thing was encouraging about this election above any other, it's the fact that the silent majority is finally waking from its slumber.  It is good to see that the silent majority is silent no longer.  When all is said and done, it will be plainly visible that President Bush has the Christian community, or as we have so readily been labeled 'the Christian right' to thank for his victory.  It seems more and more people are reluctantly pulling their heads out of the sand, taking a look around and realizing that throughout history the fall of every great nation and empire was attributed to one thing consistently and without exception, namely moral decay.  They also realize that we are on the brink of the precipice when it comes to morality peering over the edge into the darkness below.

If anyone thinks these next four years will be an Eden in this country they are sorely mistaken.  In my sermon in October of 2003, besides saying that George Bush would win the presidential elections in 2004, I also said we would be going to war again, during his second term.

These elections, and the overwhelming turnout of Christian voters will also have a secondary effect in this nation.  Animosity against Christianity will reach a fevered pitch, because in their minds, when the dust settles, they will blame the Christians for having lost this election.

If you believe that there isn't an undercurrent of animosity against Christianity in this country, let me share something I experienced only a week ago.  I was driving down the highway, on my way to pick up my wife from her job, when a bumper sticker caught my eye.  It was so stunning that I literally rubbed my eyes, and read it again, to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I was seeing.  It was a large bumper sticker, in bold face that read, "So many Christians, so few lions."  After the initial shock of what I had just seen passed, I simply shook my head and thought, anyone that doesn't believe persecution is coming to the children of God, still has blinders on.

I don't want to make this a long article, because the situation is what it is, and it couldn't have come out any differently.   Sure, we can go into specifics, such as the four hurricanes that battered Florida, sealed the Florida electorate for the President, or how the expected number of young voters that everyone was lauding didn't materialize, but what would be the point?  The facts are simple.  Neither billionaires, or movie stars, or anything of this earth can stand in the way of God's will.  Now that the elections have passed, I pray the church doesn't return to its slumber, but realize that we have a solemn duty that is much greater than casting a ballot, or pulling a lever.  We, the children of God have the great responsibility of reaching as many as we can for the kingdom of God.  We are mandated not by men, but by the Creator of all that exists, to be true and uncompromising ambassadors of Christ Jesus, and live lives worthy of His name.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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