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Revelation: An Introduction

April 17, 2006

Revelation in its most simplistic definition is to bring to light, or to reveal.  

The book of Revelation is God's bringing to light the mysteries that pertain to the future of not only the physical realm, or physical world, but also the spiritual.  The Holy Bible, the book of God, is compiled of many chapters.  The first of these chapters is called Genesis, and the final chapter in God's sovereign word is called Revelation.  In the first, as well as last of these books, God makes light, he reveals the mysteries of His plans for the world, as well as for His own, to all those diligent enough to search, study, pray and seek understanding.  

Although the Bible in its entirety is despised and hated by the enemy there are two books for which he holds a special hatred, the book of Genesis, and the book of Revelation.  

Why you might ask are these two books in particular so loathed by the devil?  The answer is simple.  In Genesis the devil is revealed and unveiled as the enemy of God, while in Revelation we are shown God's ultimate victory over this foe.  

The book of Revelation is unique in that within its pages we find the entire Gospel, from beginning to end.  The mind of God, the plan of God, the will of God, is all revealed in vivid detail.  

Although for many Revelation is a book of shadow, difficult to understand, it becomes increasingly more relevant and understandable as events take shape, and all that was foretold begins to come to pass before our very eyes.  Even the great men of faith that came before us had difficulty with Revelation, beginning with Luther who would have expunged this book from the New Testament, if he did not fear God so, to Calvin who chose not to comment on it, for lack of understanding.  The wonder and greatness of the times we live in, lies in the fact that by seeing certain events transpire in our generation, we begin to see this book come to life.  We are living in an age where a great global convergence of events are taking shape and beginning to emerge, that signal God's faithful to the fact that the time is at hand.  

The book of Revelation is a book of action.  Heaven and earth near each other, good and evil are entwined in a brutal conflict, angels and demons do battle for the souls of men, and at it's crescendo, good overcomes and conquers evil, and those who remain faithful to the end receive their crown of glory.  

At present, our duty as servants of God is to piece together earth's history and events through a spiritual perspective, thereby understanding the urgency of the hour we are in.

With that having been said, one important question we must answer before we continue is who was the book of Revelation written for?

To many modern day scholars, the book of Revelation is irrelevant because they believe the church will not be here for the events, which it describes.  

Many Christians in today's modern era take no time to study Revelation because they do not believe it pertains to them.  They skim the surface of God's word never aspiring to the deeper things of God.  It is a tragic mistake to overlook a book of such importance, for it was for God's servants that Revelation was written, and more so, given to us to understand.  

It was meant for the servants of God, and only for the servants of God, that they might know the things, which must shortly take place, as it is written in the first verse or Revelation.  

Although there is truth to the notion that within this book are found deep mysteries which man, with his mind of flesh cannot hope to understand, those that have been born again, and have become spiritual beings can readily perceive the wisdom that God is trying to impart.  

The difference between men of flesh, and spiritual men, is that spiritual men do not study the book of Revelation out of curiosity, or to get a preview of the great events that are yet to come, but out of a sincere desire to know the fulfillment of spiritual truth that it contains.  

It is no accident that the book of Revelation is the last book in the Bible.  It is the pinnacle, the zenith which one reaches only after he has climbed the mountain of transformation and death to the flesh.  

All the beauty that is the scripture has been gathered together in the book of Revelation.  That which is most moving, most relevant, most alive, the grandest concepts of both the law and prophecy reaches a new level and is laid before us that it may comfort, encourage, and exhort us to a life devoted to God.  

Absent of tears, the book of Revelation could not have been written, absent of tears it cannot be understood.  

I write these lines with great trepidation and inner conflict, with much prayer for wisdom and insight, for this book, above all others is not one to be taken lightly, and not one to be commented upon without the light of God pointing the way, and making the unclear things clear.  

I write these lines, for this is the time in which this book must be perceived by the church not only as an intellectual discourse, not only as something that will come to pass only after we have gone, but something that we the Children of God will be witness to.  

During the coming weeks and months, I will be going through the book of Revelation, verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and by God's grace unveiling some long held misconceptions, as well as bringing to light some truly relevant events that are yet to transpire both in the world, and the Church.  

To those who have been lulled to sleep by the idea that all is well, these writings will be a wake up call; To those who ignorantly believe that Revelation will take place only after we have gone from this earth, they will be a rude awakening; and to those who desire to know the truth of God, even if it contradicts their preconceived notions, they will be enlightenment.  

May the God of all that is give us grace, boldness and understanding, and may we with the fear of the Lord as our constant companion, be faithful in all that He reveals.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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