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F.I.R.E. Wood for Widows

Firewood Initiative for Romania's Elderly

During our outreaches in the northern region of Romania, we come across many homes that look like they are ready to collapse. To our dismay, the elderly are still attempting to survive in such circumstances.

After assessing the great need for firewood, not as means of offering comfort but of survival, the F.I.R.E. project was established and has been running ever since. We procure the wood as close to the village as possible but on occasion, the area is so remote that we must deliver it ourselves.

Please pray and consider helping an elderly person make it through this winter.

  1. $75.00 for 1 month's supply of wood
  2. $150.00 for 2 month's supply of wood
  3. $225.00 for 3 month's supply of wood
  4. $300.00 for Full Winter Sponsorship
You can help with a donation to Hand of Help online or by check, with "F.I.R.E." in the memo.

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