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Retrospect Analysing Post 911 America From Michael Boldea

June 22 2004

In August of 2003 I wrote an article for our publication The Prophetic Times in which I broached the subject of the Episcopalian church approving a gay bishop.  In this article, I wrote something that we have seen come to pass in recent months.  Looking back now, it seems it was prophetic, as the acceleration of moral decay goes unabated.   The following are some excerpts, from that article.

"I was in Romania taking a much needed break when I heard the news that prompted me to write this article.  Something happened, something so horrible and debased that as little as ten years ago if someone would have said, this is what the future holds many would have scoffed and discounted it as a foolish remark.  The first openly gay bishop was ordained and greeted with applause by the Episcopalian church here in the US.  As I watched the news anchor report on what had happened I shuddered realizing just how far off the path of righteousness this nation has gone.  The question that begs to be asked is what's next? In truth I cannot think of anything more abhorrent than what just took place, but somehow in the back of my mind a troubling thought is beginning to take shape.  They will find something worse."

"The enemy has succeeded in perverting the Gospel, he has succeeded in deceiving the innocent and is gearing up for another battle.  A battle, he will surely win if the children of God don't wake up from their slumber, put on the whole armor of God and stand against the wiles of the devil.  This is a spiritual war we are waging dear friends, one that as the word of God says, is waged against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, and against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.  It is a battle for nothing less than eternity."

It would seem, we have the answer to the question I posed close to a year ago.  Recently we saw the next step in the de-spiritualization of America.  I am certain, all have heard about it by now.  Massachusetts, one of the thirteen colonies to establish this great nation, made history.  They established a precedent, and set a historical milestone this nation could have done without.   Due to the legalizing of homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, I have received quite a few e-mails asking if what I had written in that article was prophetic in nature.  How did I know worse would come?  Truthfully, divine revelation was not necessary to see this next event taking place, if one was spiritually minded, and understood the nature of their adversary.  

If one understands the nature of the beast, one can predict its next move quite accurately.  Fishermen know that blood in the water will attract sharks.  Hunters know that an animal is most dangerous when its cornered, and the children of God should have known that unopposed sin would not relent until it reaches its apex.  It is the nature of sin to continue its onslaught until all that is decent, righteous, and pure is either marginalized or destroyed.  

I am reminded of Lot, and His days in Sodom, when sin had consumed and corrupted the minds of all who lived there that when the angels of God entered Lot's home, al the men of the city, both old and young, all the people from every corner surrounded the house.  Then they proceeded to call to Lot and say to him, 'where are the men who came to you tonight?  Bring them out t us that we may know them carnally.

What disturbs me is that Lot was a righteous man who moved into a wicked city.  This nation that we are living in, this country, which once was founded on Godly principles, was a righteous nation that allowed itself to be polluted by sin.  The Bible even emphasizes this in Genesis 19:9, when the men of Sodom said to Lot, stand back!  This one came to sojourn here, and he keeps acting as a judge; now we will deal worse with you then with them.  

Lot was a righteous man, who insisted on maintaining his righteousness, while living amidst a wicked people.  I could only imagine his heartache if it was within his own nation that he saw the wickedness abound.  What a desensitized brood we've become.  Having had the standard in place, having had the banner of God, having testified to our trust in the Almighty, we chose by our indifference to allow sin to keep its foothold, and brazenly win more ground with each passing day.  How the hearts of the righteous must weep.  

Although we have seen morality take another blow, the silence of the body of Christ is the most disturbing thing of all.  I do not say the following lightly, so please do not take it as such, but from a moral standpoint, worse will come in this nation.  Again, understanding the nature of the adversary allows me to say this with all certainty.  

If we open our spiritual eyes, and see the picture not as a blur, but as crisply focused, we are beginning to see another more dangerous turn of events taking shape.   Those taking a stand, or even verbalizing their opinions are quickly labeled as fringe fanatics, hate mongers, zealots, or uneducated swamp dwellers who have nothing better to do than stand in the way of progress.  It's astounding to see that in a Christian nation, Christianity is the one thing that can be made fun of, ridiculed, maligned, hated, and besmirched without any sort of moral outrage.  

First you marginalize your foe, make him out to be a detractor of the common good, and then you can persecute him to your heart's content.  I urge you to write the following down on a piece of paper, keep it somewhere, and remember it when it comes to pass.  Religious persecution, the persecution of the children of God, is closer than you think.  We are one step away from setting yet another historical precedent in America, that of Christians, being persecuted in a Christian nation.  When evil attains power, it is neither tolerant nor merciful, with those that stood against it, even though they showed it both tolerance and mercy.  

In truth I hate no man, for God is love, and in that we understand that love is the measure of all things.  However, just as evil has its nature, God has His nature as well.  God's nature is righteousness, and although all are called to be partakers of salvation, they must freely receive this gift on God's terms and not theirs.  Regardless of the number of those indifferent towards the sin that is engulfing this nation, regardless of the percentage of those willing to accept the demoralization of society, God's stance remains unchanged.  This, is what we should be most concerned with, this is what we should most fear.  That when God's children no longer have a voice, He will speak for them, and it will not be in a still small voice, but a voice of wrath and judgment.  

What few fail to grasp is that a nation's spiritual condition directly affects every other aspect of that society.  When a nation is in God's will, His hand of protection is over it, He prospers and blesses it, for it is His good pleasure to give His children good things.  But what becomes of a nation that chooses to turn its back on its God, that rejects every aspect of God's nature, and that embraces those things that God most abhors?  

I wish I could say that God is indifferent, that as long as we do charitable things, He doesn't care, but I am constrained by the truth of God's word, and in this instance I will let the word of God answer the question.  

Isaiah 3:9, "The look on their countenance witnesses against them, and they declare their sin as Sodom; they do not hide it.  Woe to their soul!  For they have brought evil upon themselves."

Isaiah 3:11, "Woe to the wicked!  It shall be ill with him, for the reward of his hands shall be given him."

Isaiah 3:24-25, "And so it shall be: Instead of a sweet smell there will be a stench; Instead of a sash, a rope; Instead of well-set hair, baldness; Instead of a rich robe, a girding of sackcloth; and branding instead of beauty.  Your men shall fall by the sword, and your mighty in the war."

I have often said that I believe in the law of cause and effect.  All actions have consequences attached to them, and the consequences of this nation's actions will soon be clear to everyone.  For the first time, I fear for this nation, for with all of God's mercy, and all of God's warnings it is still stiff necked and proud, and still continues to embrace that which it should abhor.  

We cannot shake our fist at God for anything that He allows upon this land, for it is we who have chosen this path, it is our acceptance of sin, our indifference, our tolerance of ungodly practices that have brought us to the edge of the precipice.  

My admonition to all who read this is twofold.  First, pray for those who are doing what they can to stem this tide.  Pray for those who say as Lot did, 'please my brethren, do not do so wickedly!' Their's is a hard battle, and their victory is the only hope this nation has of extending its time of grace, for if wickedness wins out then we leave God no options, but one.  

The second part of my admonition, and perhaps most important for us as Children of God, is be not ashamed of your faith.  Be not ashamed of your God, and be not ashamed of salvation.  As darkness continues to grow, your light must shine brighter still.  For as God promises judgment for the wicked, He remembers the righteous in His promises as well.

Isaiah 3:19, "Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their doings."

Iraq, Terrorism, Fear, and other concerns

Some twelve years ago, a word was given through this ministry that America would go back to war with Iraq.  For years afterward, we got letters and e-mails, taunting, laughing and calling our ministry all manner of names, because the war had not restarted.  Now those voices are silent, they no longer taunt and laugh.

Before the war began, I wrote an article in the Hand of Help newsletter where I made two points.   The first was that this war would be longer than anyone expected, and second that there would be a significant number of casualties.  During that same time frame a man 'prophesied' on a Christian television network that will remain unnamed, that our victory would be quick and decisive and that not one soldier would lose their life.  Again, I started getting e-mails from people, recounting what this man had said, admonishing me to recant my previous statements, so that I would not be made to look like a fool.  I wrote back to those who had written, and told them what I've told many over the years.  There has never been anyone in the history of the world that wished they were wrong more than I, however I must remain faithful to what I believe God showed me.  The war started, it has lasted longer than anyone imagined, and regrettably so, men have lost their lives.  Once again, the letters urging me to recant stopped.  

With each passing day the situation in Iraq grows more uncertain, and in our attempt to liberate a people we've managed to alienate them.  Why is it so difficult for some to understand that fast food, cable TV, and swimming pools don't appeal to the majority in that nation?  Materialism has not become their surrogate God, and so they are unwilling to give up their ideology for a cheeseburger and super size fries, and the people taking that stance are more than we are willing to admit at this time.  

I know we've all see the pictures with the soldiers and the prisoners, and although I choose to leave politics to the politicians, I must remark on one aspect of those pictures that shocked me more than anything else.  It wasn't the nudity, or the hoods, the dogs or the death that most disturbed me, but what made my skin crawl, were the smiles of those standing beside the corpses, absent of decency or sliver of humanity.  In attempting to reveal the beauty of democracy to what by many was deemed an uncivilized brood, we've managed to get a glimpse of the disturbing darkness that resides in the hearts of those without God, regardless of nationality.  

In May of 2003, I had a dream which I shared on this website, and in our newsletter, which in essence said there were terrorists, and terrorist cells within America's borders.  Men who were even then planning to wage war against this nation from within its own borders.  In recent weeks, the United States Government confirmed this, over one year after the dream's publication.  

Attorney General John Ashcroft, said in a prepared speech, that Al Queda terrorists are present in the US, and preparing a large scale attack this summer.  FBI assistant director Patt D'Amuro was also quoted as saying after the capture of one such sleeper agent, named Lyman Ferris, that these individuals have moved beyond the major cities, they are now in rural America, and there is no guarantee US officials will be able to nab them as they nabbed the aforementioned Lyman Ferris.  

The reason I share these things today, is not to say we were right, far from it.  I share these things with you, to show that God is not a liar.  As much as I, and others in this ministry would like to strap on the optimism goggles, and join the growing Christian prophetic bandwagon that foresees only good things, we are constrained to what God shows us.  We share these things, openly and honestly for one reason and one reason only.  To stir from its slumber the bride of Christ, to compel those living duplicitous lives to true repentance, and to warn those living in sin that tomorrow belongs only to God, and if today they hear the voice of the Lord they must heed it, and turn their lives toward Him.  

There are men today that will tickle the ears for a few extra dollars, there are those that would make a business out of the word of God, and there are even those individuals that knowing the truth, attempt to distort it simply to gain a bigger audience.  

All that this ministry has to share, it shares freely, although some have made the comment that we should make it a paid site.  

Throughout history God has chosen people to warn nations.  Long before events come to pass, God reveals them in order to stir repentance to cause the nation to turn from its wickedness that what was foretold would not come to pass.  If you see it on CNN before you hear someone says 'thus says the Lord' then it wouldn't be of a prophetic nature.  Some things God speaks to His children centuries in advance, such as the birth of Christ, some decades in advance, some years, some months, but all for the same purpose, to cause them to trust in Him, and only in Him.  Cling to God and you will not despair, make Him your place of safety, and you will know true peace.  It is not a pleasant duty, and it is one that I would gladly pass on to someone else if I had the opportunity to do it.  It is a thankless, and painful task, for which one garners much hatred and abuse.  

I do not look forward to the things I am shown, nor do I share them in order to cause fear in people's hearts.  In fact I only share as much as necessary so that when events come to pass, the children of God would not say we were left in the dark.  

God's promises hold true, and His faithfulness toward His own will always be evident.  God's children have nothing to fear.  We serve a God who loves us more than we can comprehend.  We serve a God whose one desire is for us to be with Him for all eternity in the home that He has built for us.  

As the passing of time continues to fulfill what God has revealed in His word, may our foundation be that which cannot be shaken.  May grace and peace abound in our hearts, and may our prayers for this nation, and its leaders never be absent from our lips.  

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

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