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Latest News

Truth Be Told

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Rediscovering Christ Part 15 (23:04) Play Download
Rediscovering Christ Part 14 (24:54) Play Download
Rediscovering Christ Part 13 (27:26) Play Download
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Featured Child Maria M.H.

Child of the Month

The child of the month is Maria M.H.. We welcomed Maria M.H. in the fall of 2017, at the age of eight, together with her brothers, Cristian and Mihai. The three siblings...
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Recent Blogs

Mar 28, 2018 - A Timely Teaching
Mar 25, 2018 - A House Divided!
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Michael's Writings

Letter From Mike - Welcome to the new and improved Hand of Help website. There is an old expression that can be traced back to an English playwright and poet named John Heywood... Read More
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- First Responders
- Media Center
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