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When Ye Pray - The Anatomy of Prayer Book Two

Have you ever wondered why some prayers were included within the pages of Scripture while others are forever forgotten by all but God? Have you ever wondered why less prominent individuals' prayers are recounted in the Bible word for word while men of great import and their pleas toward God are nowhere to be found? If we believe God to be sovereign--and we do because His Word tells us that He is--then we know that neither what was included or omitted from the pages of Scripture was in any way accidental, but rather everything that's in the Word is there for a purpose...the purpose being our understanding. We learn by reading the Word of God, and God included everything that He wanted us to know in His word because of this. So if the prayers of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Jabez, Hannah, Samuel, David, Solomon, Elijah, Ezra or Nehemiah are included in the Bible, or duty is to discover why, and what it is we can learn from their prayers.


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