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The Holy Spirit - Power Presence and Purpose

Finally, an authentic, balanced, and inspired book about the Holy Spirit that makes plain one of the most divisive topics in Christianity today. Written in a plain style, as one believer speaking directly to another, and depending utterly on Scripture, Michael Boldea, Jr. takes us through a rich study of this third person of the Trinity. We see the Holy Spirit's power what He does and does not do, and how, and when, and why.

Boldea explains how we can recognize the Holy Spirit's presence when He speaks or acts, what He says, how He says it, what He is like, and what His manifestations look like in the lives of believers. And finally, he helps us to understand the Holy Spirit's purpose in the Believer's life to lift up Jesus the Messiah, to help us see Jesus more clearly, to help us understand Him better, and to be more fully able to worship and obey the Son of God. Boldea also helps us to understand the emptiness of so many detrimental doctrines, belief systems, and thought habits associated with the Holy Spirit that have plagued Christians throughout the centuries. Using the Bible as his sole source of authority, Boldea lays bare the extremes and mistakes made at both ends of the spectrum from doctrines that would see Christians use the Holy Spirit as some magical Christian genie, or how the enemy attempts to infiltrate Christianity with false signs and wonders, to those belief systems which allege that He has no real role in the lives of Believers today, and His miracles, power, and love no longer apply.

And most importantly, throughout the discussion, Boldea helps us clearly understand what the consequences to our faith will be of a life without the power, presence, and purpose of the Holy Spirit. The book is at once revelatory and challenging, putting before each of us the truth about who the Holy Spirit is, what He requires of us, and what our relationship with Him should bring to our understanding about God and our obligations to obey Him.


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