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The Battle-Ready Believer

There is a battle coming. Are you ready for it? When compromise becomes our banner, and cowardice is seen as virtue, is it any wonder that so few among professing believers today are battle ready? In this introduction to spiritual warfare, Michael Boldea, Jr., answers key questions to help Christians stand upon the truth of Jesus Christ in this age of political correctness: How does the enemy camouflage himself in today’s world? How can I recognize my allies in the battle? How can I effectively wield my weapons, and do I know them all? How do I stand strong when others around me are falling? How can I learn to discern my Commander’s voice from all others? Battle is inevitable. Boldea's book helps the wise ready themselves through an analysis of the spiritual maturity of today’s church, along with an analysis of its understanding of duty. The book compares what has been taught in the modern church to what the Bible actually says. The concrete instruction contained in this book will prove invaluable to any believer whose aim is to become truly battle ready.


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