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Practical Wisdom 101 Essays

Wisdom is a journey. It begins with the fear of the Lord and ends when you breathe your last upon this rock. Throughout it all, one concludes that if wisdom is their guide, they are spared many heartaches, heartbreaks, snares, and setbacks.

There is an undeniable practicality to wisdom when rightly applied. It allows you to see the dangers others ignore and the opportunities others pass by. Wisdom is a constant companion and faithful friend who will steer you toward truth and encourage you to walk in the light.

Without wisdom, man is a fool, and his journey is cumbersome and needlessly sorrowful. With wisdom as his guide, man’s burdens are light, and though valleys may appear, wisdom will help you navigate your way to the mountaintop anew.

With every new chapter of life, new lessons are learned, and wisdom grows, precept upon precept, until it becomes a shield against the foolishness of this world.

Once you attain wisdom, you will gain understanding because one is the byproduct of the other. A life in pursuit of wisdom is not a wasted life; on the contrary, it is a life well lived, for in that pursuit, you discover those things only wisdom could reveal. Wisdom is attainable. Your pursuit will bear fruit, and you will acquire what you desire.

As true wisdom must, your pursuit will lead you to the foot of the cross, to the person of Christ, and to the love that God so freely offers to all who would receive it. Only then will you discover what wonders lay beyond wisdom’s door.


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