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The Final Warning

September 11, 2001

It was September 11th and the world was at peace. Less than ten hours prior, I had hugged my wife and said goodbye to my father who had driven me to the airport.  After a two hour layover and a three hour delay in Zurich, I was finally on my way to Chicago.  Throughout this time, I was struggling with myself.  I knew I was going on tour to share and fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters, but as yet I had no message.  All I knew was that the urgency of God's words to my heart concerning me touring grew with more intensity until I finally agreed to go.  God had not spoken to me concerning what I would share throughout my time in America.  I shared this with my mother, Virginia, before leaving, and all she said was "God will show you when it is time."   We were about four hours away from landing when the captain came on the overhead speaker and said we would have to be returning to Zurich.  He mentioned something about a terrorist attack, a terrible accident, and that American airspace had been shut down.  My heart skipped a beat, and I felt sick.  The only thought that came to my mind was, "God has it begun already?"

A stewardess passing through the isles saw I was pale, and she came and asked me if I wanted a sedative.  I turned her down, closed my eyes, and began to pray.  I knew something terrible had happened, but was this it? Was this the time of which God has been speaking for the past fifteen years?  I continued to pray, while some passengers became agitated demanding information, trying to call from the air phones without success, and guessing at what had happened.  Finally I heard a voice, and I opened my eyes to see who was speaking to me.  The man sitting to my right was engaged in conversation with another passenger sitting to his right, and I realized it was not the voice of man I was hearing.  I closed my eyes once more and began to pray.   Then I heard the voice again.  It said, "Now you know why you must go.  Be at peace, it is not yet the hour of judgment.  This is my final warning.  The season is at hand. I will guide and protect those that will draw unto me.  Be bold and speak the truth.  Plead with them and urge them to repent for the night comes quickly.  Speak the words that have been on your heart and on your lips since your youth.  I will guide you now as I guided my servant before you."

As I write this, it is September 12th.  I am in a motel room in Zurich awaiting news on when we can resume our flights.  I have seen glimpses of the devastation, but this is only the beginning.  For fifteen years I have prayed this time would not come.  I hoped against hope that my Grandfather was just another Jonah, and that I would be mocked and laughed at for continuing to speak this message of repentance and judgment.  My family, and even Hand of Help, would have gladly endured the ridicule if America would have repented and turned to God and in turn, God would have held back his wrath.  Time is running out dear ones.  Repentance has been put off for far too long.   Today is the day we must stand before God with repentance not only on our lips, but also on our hearts.  You are all in my prayers, and as I travel I hope to fellowship with many of you.  Be at peace dear souls.  God is still in control, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and will be forevermore.  May His Light shine upon you, and may His peace flood your hearts.

Michael Boldea Jr.

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