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Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the new and improved Hand of Help website.

There is an old expression that can be traced back to an English playwright and poet named John Heywood who lived about five hundred years ago, that says many hands make light work. To this day this expression has not been disproven, because it is in fact true.

For those new to our site, we are a small ministry. In fact our yearly budget as a ministry, which serves to feed, clothe, and shelter between eighty and one hundred children on any given day year round, is less than what some famous, or infamous preachers and evangelists make as their yearly salary.

Beside the orphanage which is fully funded by Hand of Help, and is the brunt of our benevolence work, we also have a growing outreach to surrounding communities providing food, clothing, firewood, livestock and any other needs that individuals and families might have. We have built close to sixty churches throughout Romania, have funded crusades, distributed Bibles, and have been preaching the gospel of Christ and the need for repentance to all who would hear for over twenty five years.

If the following seems blunt, I fear it is necessary given the lateness of the hour, as well as the apathetic lethargy that seems to have blanketed much of the house of God. Although cheerleaders and spectators are great for sports stadiums and ball games, what Jesus said He needed were laborers. Since the time that Christ walked the earth to this very day, it would seem there has always been a shortage of laborers. Cheerleaders are plentiful, spectators are abundant, but laborers seem to be few and far in between. Apropos of nothing in particular, if half the visitors to our website were to contribute $5 per month, we would easily be able to double our outreach to the poor and hurting.

Even with the signs of the times being evident all around us, there are still many believers who refuse to get off the sidelines, roll up their sleeves, and begin to labor in the harvest field, believing that even if they don't, someone else will.

No, this is not a pitch to help our ministry, this is more of a heart cry to the body of Christ to step into their rightful calling and be the hands and heart of Christ. Whether through this ministry or another, whether going out as one who was sent of God, or helping those who have been sent, my only hope is that a fire be ignited in the hearts of the body of Christ to be about the Father's business. The hour is late, and laborers are needed now more than ever before.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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