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The Last Days Of The World XVI

 Children are masters at scapegoating each other or anyone else in the vicinity at whose feet they could lay the blame rightly theirs. It’s never their fault; it’s always someone else. The last good one I heard was from my six-year-old, who, after being caught masticating her way through a bag of mini Kit Kats, insisted that it was my fault because I hadn’t put them high enough in the cupboard so she couldn’t reach them. I wanted to be mad, but it was too good for me not to chuckle, albeit under my breath.

Generally speaking, the godless would rather lose an eye than take responsibility for their actions. Essentially, they are six-year-olds in adult bodies, and whatever twisted logic they have to use to conclude they’re not responsible for where they are, they will use it with the utmost haste.

What makes it worse is that they’re no longer held accountable for their bad choices and decisions because the vultures in power have realized that if they grease the wheels a smidge and forget some college debt here, some credit card debt there, make murdering babies free and easy, the irresponsible among us will turn out in droves and keep them in power. When the only issue by which a substantial portion of a given nation decides whom to vote for is which Santa has the bigger bag, that nation is well on its way to unsustainability and collapse.

Besides the many who will be offended and shake their fists at the heavens because the machinations of their preferred ear tickler turned out to be blatant deception, the godless will perceive those of the household of faith to be the perfect scapegoats for the mess they’ve created, and the chaos that will be unleashed upon the world.

Because those in power understand that the most dangerous thing for them is for the peasants to realize that their policies facilitated the dystopia the average citizen is living through, they’ll be more than happy to lend their voice to the vilification and condemnation of the church.

It’s those pesky Christians and their rejection of such wholesomeness as drag queen story hour in churches or sexually mutilating underage children en masse that led to the societal collapse. It’s those pesky Christians who stood in the way of progress and kept us from reaching our goal of gender neutrality for everyone. They wouldn’t even give grasshoppers, crickets, and locusts a try, and when anyone dared to bring up the benefits of cannibalism, well, they just went apoplectic.

Granted, it wouldn’t be an original position. Nero blamed the downfall of Rome on the Christian community in the city. Those pesky Christians, it’s all their fault, and if we could just get rid of them, we can sail into the wild blue yonder, carefree and full of bliss.

As the saying goes, history doesn’t always repeat but often rhymes. The devil’s minions will find a way to blame the church for what ails the world, and they will conclude that doing away with believers is the only means by which we can rectify the situation.

Make peace with the reality that the world will never love you, accept you, or see you as an equal. If you are a follower of Christ, you are by your nature stunted and mentally underdeveloped in their eyes. You believe in spaghetti monsters and zombies. You can’t be reasoned with or made to see the wondrous beauty of pronouns and dendrophilia. In case you were wondering, that’s the practice of having physical relations with trees. Yeah, I know, but we’re the crazy ones. We’re the fools and the Neanderthals. We are the problem if we serve Jesus, and being rid of us is the cure-all for what ails the world. It’s not Zippy, the snake boy who tattooed his entire face and split his tongue down the middle to resemble a reptile, or the furry copping a squat on his neighbor’s lawn in full daylight because he identifies as a labradoodle.

I’m sure the mechanophiles are feeling left out, but their day will come because one perversion begets another, and who among us hasn’t looked at a shiny new car with a gleam in their eye? You may be rolling your eyes and chuckling at the absurdity of it all, but think back no more than a decade ago at all the things we rolled our eyes at and believed to be outliers that have now become mainstream and are being pushed on our children as not just normal, but superior, special, brave, and preferred.

The chasm between ‘that could never happen’ here and ‘it’s happening everywhere’ isn’t a chasm. We’ve just convinced ourselves that it is because it lets us sleep better at night while we marinate in our indifference. It’s not even a skip or a hop anymore. It’s the natural progression of evil when it goes unchallenged by the godly. As Edmund Burke so eloquently put it, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.

What is keeping the church from being the church? Is it cowardice, indifference, distraction, or the unwillingness to endanger the lifestyle to which it has become accustomed? Evil is gaining ground because good men are doing nothing and those who dare to say anything contrary to the narrative are bludgeoned into silence by their own. It’s preachers and evangelists, pastors and elders who will be the first to denounce those who stand for righteousness, hoping they’ll garner the favor of the godless by vilifying one of their own.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Nothing is what the church has been doing for decades, and what’s worse, many have capitulated and joined the dark side themselves. But sure, let’s keep telling ourselves God’s got an army marching through the land. I guess we conveniently fail to mention that this supposed army is waving rainbow flags and offering their children up to be groomed and sexualized all because they want to fit in.

It’s akin to throwing an ewe lamb into a cage with a wolf and hoping the wolf doesn’t devour it. They hope a wolf will go against its nature and are shocked when it doesn’t. It is the nature of those whose consciences have been seared to pervert, befoul, and corrupt innocence. Just as a wolf can’t help being a wolf, those given over to a debased mind will act in accordance with what they have become.

We’re weak, cowardly, self-serving, malnourished, ignorant of God’s Word, duplicitous, faithless, dismissive of holiness, and lacking any power or authority, but soldiers of the cross are we!

The righteous have always been few. The faithful have always been in the minority, and as the days grow darker, they will be fewer still because many failed to comply with the first rule of the last days: take heed that no one deceives you! 

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Posted on 8 June 2024 | 11:25 am

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