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It used to be that they were subtle about their subversion. It used to be that they worked in the shadows, were fearful of being exposed, and when anyone noticed what they were doing, they pulled back. They knew it was a waiting game, and time was on their side. Just one more generation of cattle, of indoctrinated, propagandized useful idiots that could be used as cannon fodder, and the glorious revolution would be well on its way.

The people behind the people who are screaming inanities and blindly lashing out at strangers just because they can aren’t the kind that likes to get their hands dirty. They are not the ones sweating in the streets, contracting Coronavirus, and catching felony warrants. They are the ones planning to rule after the dust settles. They are the ones engineering an overthrow of the experiment that is a constitutional republic, because to them everyone save for themselves and a handful of limp wristed ivy leaguers, are cattle.

It’s not as though they have an affinity for those protesting on their behalf, even though they might not realize it, it’s that those protesting are useful, a means to an end, the vehicle that will drive their agenda forward—still cattle, just useful cattle.

If they were to succeed in their revolution, if they were to do away with the law, law enforcement, duly elected government, and every dissenting voice, their next target would be the useful cattle. The selfsame cattle that burned down their futures to make the Marxist dream a reality, because at some point they will have realized they’ve been had. Once the mob is no longer useful, you must destroy it lest it turns its sights on you.

No, this is not the outline of some dystopian novel I’m working on, it’s historical precedent. It’s what occurs every time there is an attempted insurrection, revolution, or revolt. Even though they promise one group that they’ll be the ones holding the cattle prods if they help overthrow the other, once they’ve succeeded, they’ll be reminded that they too are cattle.

In life, there are certain absolutes. Fire burns, water is wet, gender is binary, and the real enemy is always the one that stands to gain most from the chaos and anarchy they are championing. A nation of three hundred million plus people is being used, played, and pitted against itself by a cabal of power-hungry aspiring tyrants. Their promise of utopia will never materialize even if they manage to succeed in carrying out their plans.

As someone who has lived in a system identical to the one they are attempting to remake America into, allow me to state the obvious, it’s not anything anyone who has lived in the US their entire life ever wants to see. That’s putting it mildly, but any attempt at convincing Marxist zealots as to the horrors of their ideology falls on deaf ears anyway.

For all its faults, America is still the only country in the world that individuals from every continent continue to risk life and limb to try to get to. Thus far, I have yet to hear of anyone getting on an inner tube off the Florida coast to try to make it to Cuba, yet those attempting to flee it are a constant. Perhaps that’s something worth pondering before we torch everything and surrender our hard-won freedoms to the mob for the promise of peace.

We are witnessing a sadistic game of three-card monte being carried out against the American way of life. If we are not careful, by the time we wise up to what is happening, they will have walked away with our freedom, our dignity, our culture, and our children’s future.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.  

Posted on 30 June 2020 | 10:59 am

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