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Voluntary Slavery

Every generation since the dawn of man has fought against being enslaved. Some succeeded, and through hard-fought battles maintained their freedom, independence, sovereignty, and individuality, others failed and became slaves. It was the way of things, but whether they won or lost, all resisted, because of the inherent need for a man to live free burns brightly. That is, until this generation.

Over the course of a generation, we have managed to do what others throughout history have failed, which is coerce a people into voluntary slavery. We didn’t have to castrate all males to keep them docile and peaceable; we just had to browbeat and shame them into silence. We didn’t have to single out the dissidents and send them to concentration camps, we just removed their ability to have a voice, and branded them evil without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Once the outrage mob has deemed that you are a racist, homophobe, bigot, xenophobe, transphobe, or whatever word they come with next to redefine intolerance, then you have no recourse, you have no counterargument. They have spoken, you are guilty, and that’s that!

Due to a very loud, very obnoxious, very in your face minority, the vast majority of decent people have self-censored themselves, and have gone along with having freedoms stripped from them at an alarming rate. The more victories they rack up, the bolder this minority becomes, and the bolder they become, the more outlandish their demands. And you though the citizens of Sodom demanding that Lot send out the men who were visiting him was hyperbole.

The broad definition of slavery is an individual without freedom. A slave in the truest sense of the word is an individual without the freedom to think as he wills, without the freedom to do as he wills, and without the freedom to live as he wills without the implicit consent interference of a third party.

Recently a video of a town hall meeting in Illinois popped up on my newsfeed, with some elected official taking questions. A citizen was incensed that he was being taxed for owning semi-automatic weapons, making the argument that they can’t be all that dangerous if all he had to do was pay the penalty or tax for owning one. To that, the official retorted, “you’ve done it, you’ve changed my mind, maybe I should just confiscate them all.” The hall erupted in raucous applause, and I sat there scratching my head watching the epitome of human absurdity playing out before my eyes.

When elected officials begin to think of themselves as kings and queens, monarchs of the kingdom, with the little people nothing more than obedient serfs of their dictates, we are treading dangerous ground.

What compounds this tragedy is that the people have been so defanged, declawed, and castrated, that rather than react appropriately, they clap like seals who’ve just received their fishy treat.

If freedom is not defended, freedom will be snatched away by the power mad and diabolical. At this juncture, it would seem no invading force is necessary to cull an entire generation. All that’s necessary is the unrealistic promise of free stuff. 

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Posted on 20 June 2019 | 11:27 am

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