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Ana-Maria P Sponsor

(18 yr old girl)


About Me

Ana Maria comes from an apparently normal family from Botosani. Her parents are both alive and she has one brother.

As a consequence of constant altercations between her extended family and continuous competition in forcing Ana Maria to take sides, Ana Maria was pressured in to doing the unthinkable, trying to take her own life.

Ana Maria was hospitalized as a result of drinking straight chlorine.

The Child Protection Agency was immediately called by the hospital workers and based on collaborating testimony, they decided to place Ana Maria in a center.

We were the first to be called and we decided to take Ana Maria under our shelter and work with her toward the reunification of her family. Please keep her and all of our staff in your prayers.

Ana Maria needs to understand the love that her family has for her and she needs to fight toward rekindling her relationship with her parents and her brother. We know it will be a struggle but we are certain that God is in control and He can make a way where it might seem humanly impossible. Ana Maria will continue her studies and she will get all the spiritual, emotional, medical and educational help she needs from within the Hand of Help family. May God work in her heart, bringing healing and restoration, and may her family soon be reunited!

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