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The Finger

Vision given to Michael Boldea.

I must relate to all who read our web-site the Revelations from the Holy Spirit as they were given to our ministry prior to 9-11 and last fall.  About a year before 911 Michael Boldea and I were driving to the airport in Seattle Washington.  Michael was driving and I was sleeping.  It was about 3:30 in the morning.  I know that I heard the car almost go off the highway and as I woke up Michael was alarmed and he looked very disturbed.  I asked him if anything was wrong and he said "I will tell you later."  The next day I again asked Michael what happened as he was driving and he said "I had a very powerful vision."  "In the vision I saw a map of America and a finger approached the map and dug itself into the map up to the knuckle of the hand."  "A voice started speaking..." I will allow a great event over this nation to try and wake her up."  Michael asked why, and the voice said "because of this!"  and Michael was taken to the inside of a large Church and he was in the foyer area of the church as they were having service.  He heard alot of snoring coming from inside the church and it was so loud he could hear it in the foyer.  The voice spoke again, "beacause many of my people are still asleep."  "Many refuse to wake up, and this is why I will allow this trial to come over America."  The vision disappeared and Michael said it was all like watching a movie.  It was not long after this that 9-11 occured.

Bro Geno.

The Fist

Prophecy given to Michael in Romania.

I picked Michael up to start our fall 2002 tour from O'hare airport.  I wanted to know if the Holy Spirit had said anything about America while Michael was in Romania.  It was clear God had and Michael related to me about the vision with the finger in it and asked if I recalled that.  I said I did and Michael said the Holy Spirit is warning that if America does not repent it will not be a finger that represents God's warning or judgement it will be a fist.  This means the protection of God will draw back and America will have a cataclysmic event take place greater then 9-11.  We pray this does not occur but God has seen what is clear to many of us that His warning on 9-11 was only heeded by a small number of people and apostacy, indifference, sexual sin, divorce, removing references to God from court houses, schools, and even an attempt to take "under God" from the pledge all mean one thing.  America is stubborn and proud and has not repented.

Bro Geno.

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