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The Lawless One

The first of 3 final messages given to Dumitru in 1997.

I have spoken to you as a father speaks to his own children.  I have shown you what will be that you may prepare your hearts and strengthen your spirits for the day of battle. Dark days are soon coming upon the earth.  Days of mourning and great sadness.  I tarry for those that seek me with a pure heart.  I give strength to those who seek me continually. The lawless one has been prepared and he is ready to reveal himself.  He awaits his release.  He will come with a lying tongue and deceiving words.  I will protect My own and I will deliver them even out of the clutches of the enemy.  Those that will be strong until the end, those that will be called to be living testimonies for my name’s sake will receive the crown of life.   Let righteousness be your banner and My word be your guide.  Be rooted in the truth.  As the dawn comes to chase away the night, so will the darkness rule only for its allotted time.  Be strong in the knowledge that I protect and watch over all who are Mine.  Amen.

Excerpted from: 
Dreams and Visions From God
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