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A Great Bear


Two days before taking my father to the hospital, I heard his voice in the early morning hours.  " I saw something."  As usual I got my recorder and went to his bedside.  He would not let me record it.  I don't remember everything he said, but I would like to share with you that which I do remember.  My father stated, "The Lord showed me a very large bear.  It was as big as a building, and it began to do battle with an unarmed man."  "Do you see what I have shown you" a voice said, "This is how it will be when the hardships come over America.  No one will be able to defend her.  Only those that trust in Me will be spared.  Everything will start as a heavy rain on a sunny day.  At a time you least expect it."  There was more, but I do not remember the rest.

Virginia Boldea.

Excepted from: 
Dreams and Visions From God
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