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Seven Moons

March 29, 1997

I was fishing with Sergiu and Daniel, my two grandsons.  We were in a place called Hot Springs.  Suddenly, a moon appeared, which shined exceedingly bright.  Six smaller moons came out of the large one.  As every moon appeared it would cause winds, storms and tornadoes to start.  The people seemed very agitated; they would run from place to place.  I then told my grandson, "We have nowhere to run.  There are mountains all around us and the storms are getting worse."  Trees were flying around, homes were being demolished and although the wind was blowing with such intensity, we did not feel it.   Daniel was very scared.  A man appeared at the edge of the moon holding a smaller moon in his hand.  "These will be just some of the punishments this country will endure" he said.  "Through wind, storms, tornadoes and disasters I will weaken their strength."  Then I awoke.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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