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Fire in The Heavens

January 3, 1994

It was past midnight.  Unable to sleep, I got on my knees and began to pray.  I do not know how long I prayed, but suddenly I began to see a great fire in the heavens.  It was so powerful that to me it seemed like the sky was burning.  Then a man dressed in shiny clothes stepped out of the fire.  On his head He had a helmet.  In His right hand He had a sword out of which flames of fire kept erupting.  In His left hand He had a trumpet into which He began to blow.  The sounds that the trumpet made were actually words which were uttered in many different languages.  I did not understand what they were saying, but I caught some Hebrew words and also some English words.  When I was straining to understand and troubling myself over what the voice had said, I heard it speak in Romanian.  "This is the last warning," the trumpet blew, "The day of God's vengeance is coming upon the earth and upon this place!  Be prepared and be holy, My people, that I may save you!"

After these words, arrows of fire began to dance on the sky.  They were so powerful that I became scared. Beginning to pray again, I saw the same thing all over.  Then, while still praying, the same thing was shown to me a third time.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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