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The Morning Sun

June 19th, 1993

I dreamed I was in a field with some baskets of cherries, and strawberries.  I was supposed to go somewhere with them.  Suddenly a huge sun appeared in the heavens.  It was about three times larger than a normal sun.  It became so hot I could barely breathe.  A very great number of angels were singing around the sun.  There was a very narrow strand of light coming from the sun, all the way down to earth.

All of the angels began to sing with their trumpets.  When they began to sing by mouth, the words to the song were:

"My people, wake up!  Do not tarry!  Do not wait!
The time is very short!  Until now many
have traveled on the wide path, but now you
must travel on the narrow path that you may be
saved.  This is the final battle of the devil.
Wake up!  Wake up!  Now the enemy is making war
against all the children of God!  It is the
final battle!  Many have been taken prisoner,
but you must be strong."

Again the trumpets began to sound.  The angels of God, began traveling up and down the narrow strand of light while blowing their trumpets.  One of the angels looked toward me and said, "Why are you discouraged and sad?  Do not lose your faith.  I will repay all your work and suffering.  The eyes of many are looking toward your wife to see if she will be healed.  In a short time she will be."

"Where is the rest of my family?"  I asked.

"Look. They are coming," the angel responded.

As I looked behind me, I saw not only my family, but many other people.  All were dressed in white robes, and were walking toward the narrow strand of light.  "This is the way toward salvation," the angel said.  "The sun that you see is Christ, The Morning Sun that will shine so brightly, all the world will see Him."  Then I woke up.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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