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Clouds In The Skies


After I prayed I went to sleep.  While I was sleeping I dreamed someone was telling me, "Rain is coming!"

I looked around but saw no one.  But suddenly there was thunder and lightening, and a red cloud appeared.  In it's midst were the hammer and sickle of Communism.  On the other side was another cloud, but with no unusual colors.  Suddenly, an intensely bright star appeared out of the cloud.  Then the red cloud began to surround the cloud with the star, and tried to capture it.  Immediately, a white cloud appeared, bursting forth with great thunder and lightening.  When it appeared, the red cloud was dismembered.  Then two men appeared out of the white cloud.  One had a face like the sun.  It was so bright I could not look at it.  The other had a humble face, and had a book in his hand.  He opened the book, and said, "Look."  He began to count the blank pages of the book.  There were only three and a quarter empty pages!  Then he said.  "It won't be long.  Be prepared.  When these pages are filled, The Grace will leave the gentiles.  Draw closer to me now, more than ever - and be holy, because hard times are coming."  Then the man with the book said ,"Look to the right."  When I looked to the right, I saw a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of flowers.  But I had never seen ANY of these kinds before.

Then I woke up.

Excepted from: 
Dreams and Visions From God
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