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Flicker Of Light

May 1991

In my dream, the sun and the moon appeared in the heavens in a more powerful intensity than I had never seen before.  Suddenly two men came out of the light; one out of the sun, and one out of the moon.  The one in the sun began to speak.  "I am the Son of Righteousness, and I will soon come to judge the world!  Get up and work NOW while it is still day, for night is soon coming when you no longer shall be able to work.   I want to strengthen you, for I still have work for you to do.  Look to your left."

When I looked to my left, I saw a black cloud furiously approaching, with lightning and thunder booming out of it!  It covered the horizon, and soon covered the sun and moon.  A heavy smell filled the place where I stood, making it very difficult to breath.   "What can this horrible stench be?," I asked.

"This is how nuclear fallout smells," He replied.

Then suddenly, in the darkness of the cloud, far away from where I stood, there was a little flicker of light.  The Voice in the sun said, "Walk toward the light."

As I began to follow the flicker of light, all of my family was suddenly with me.  We kept walking on a very narrow path, and after a very long and exhausting trip we arrived at the bank of a big body of water.  Again the Voice spoke, "You must get across the water!"  I became troubled, because there was no way we could cross.  Then something like a ski lift appeared before us.  The voice again spoke, "Get on."  Before we even had time to think, we arrived on the other side of the body of water.  Then the voice said to me, "Do not be quiet.  Tell the people that time is very short, and the trouble WILL come onto the earth.  I will still allow a time for the souls of those that I want to save.  Tell the people that I am a jealous God, and I want them all for me.  Tell them to pray more and worship me with all their hearts in holiness, and cleanliness."

Then I awoke......

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