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Purchase a Cow

Providing a cow can transform the life of a large family.

A dairy cow offers a family milk for the younger children, something they desperately need for proper growth and development. From milk one can extract cheese, butter, and cream to cook for the entire family, and even make some extra income from the sale of said dairy products to pay off electric bills or other expenses.

Having a milk cow also opens up the possibility of bartering with other villagers for such needed staples as chickens, corn, and potatoes.

Along with all the benefits having a milk cow can bring, there is also the added benefit of the parents being able to teach their young to raise animals and survive off their own hard labor.

A foreseeable calf would only add to the initial offering, multiplying it and turning this heavenly blessing into a gift that keeps on giving, constantly reminding them of the Father's love.

Please pray and consider helping to purchase a cow for a large family. The entire amount of $1000 is needed for donating 1 cow.

You can help with a donation to Hand of Help online or by check, with "Cow" in the memo.

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