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Ioan V

(25 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Ioan (Ionut), together with his brother Iulian, have been a part of Hand of Help family since May, 2011. Both of them were traumatized by the numerous beatings of their parents, including continuous head trauma. They used to be kept hungry, thirsty and lacked a minimal hygiene routine for days on end. Due to the parents' aggressiveness, even the neighbors could not attempt to save the brothers from that environment. Only after the local authorities were bombarded with letters and notifications from the school regarding the frequent abuse, did the local official decide to step in and ask for Hand of Help's assistance.

We are so grateful that with our Lord's help, their lives have dramatically changed. The brothers were always so thankful for everything and they constantly warmed our hearts with their attitude of humbleness and gratitude towards any kind gesture, no matter how small.

Due to the repeated physical and mental abuse endured, Ioan had a hard time keeping up in school. Through perseverance he was able to complete the mandated 10th grade state education requirement.

Ioan had always been aware of his difficulties in school and knew that the only path for his future would be working with his hands. One of Ioan's friends from the orphanage, Marian, made it to the U.K. and secured employment in the greater London area. As soon as a job opened up, Marian insisted that Ioan come and join him.

Ioan did not hesitate to leap into adulthood, work hard, and support himself. Both Ioan and Marian are working for the same employer and continue to support each other there. We are receiving good reports from both of them and yearn for the day when they will proclaim their faith in Jesus!

Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of these children! Please continue to pray for their salvation!

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