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Abel R

(18 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Abel was born in the winter of 2004. Six years later he joined our family, after his grandmother desperately started seeking a helping hand. In March, 2010, Abel’s mother passed away, leaving Abel and his one year old brother to seek comfort in the arms of strangers, as their father decided to abandon them and continue his life without having to support them.

Hand of Help has been Abel’s family during these traumatic events. His little brother remained with their grandmother, as she could only take care of one child, but Abel would visit them often, especially during vacations, always immensely happy to still have somebody from his family that cared for him.

Abel’s deepest desire was to have his family back. We believed that God could do yet another miracle in his life and as result of his fervent prayers, his grandmother decided that she would make a way and that it was time to take him back. As the state's financial contributions for foster care have improved, she is now financially able to take care of both her grandsons. Abel's desire has been miraculously fulfilled and we are grateful to see the answer to our prayers.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Abel. Even though he is not living at Hand of Help anymore, he will always be one of our family. He needs the wisdom to make the right choices in life and the faith to continue serving Him, knowing that our Lord is a Father to the orphaned and that He will continue to keep His mighty Hand over him despite life's circumstances or other people's neglect.

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