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Iuliana Diana

(19 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Iuliana Diana was born in 2004. At the age of only 6, in 2010, she became a part of our family.

She is the younger sister of Cosmin and Ana Maria, and all three siblings have called Hand of Help home during their childhood.

Abandoned by her father and in the absence of her mother, who left the country for work hoping to raise money and properly support the family, Diana was left in the care of her maternal grandparents. During the first year apart, her mother kept in contact with the family, and then one day, the correspondence ceased.

While the grandparents tried their best, they could not provide a stable income for their own needs, let alone for raising a child, forcing them to seek help from Hand of Help.

Diana adjusted well to our big family. She enjoyed participating in various Hand of Help activities, including our summer camps. Diana was always eager to help the younger children with their homework and played the violin in our center's orchestra. Every December, she looked forward to being a part of our caroling group, singing and celebrating the birth of our Savior through music. Diana also enjoyed playing sports while at Hand of Help and did very well at various table tennis competitions.

A while back, Diana's mother decided to visit her children at our orphanage. The siblings were overjoyed to know that their mother did not forget about them and although it was just a short visit, they were able to keep in touch with her from that moment on. We were grateful to see them reunited, knowing the impact such a visit has on children!

One of the most challenging times in Diana's life was when her siblings, now adults, eager to start independent life, left our center and began their new journey. The siblings had a close relationship, and although Diana kept in touch with them and her mother, she missed having them around. When Diana turned 18, she decided she wanted to move out of our center and live with her brother. Their mother is still working abroad, but they hope to be able to see each other more often. Diana will finish her studies, graduating with a diploma in economics.

We can hardly believe so many years have passed since she joined our family, and we are humbled to have been able to watch her grow under our eyes and become a bright young woman, ready to pursue the path ahead confidently.

Please lift a prayer for this family that the Holy Spirit would draw them unto Himself and that He would guide their steps at all times. We pray Diana will remember the advice and counsel she received through the years and never forget the source of all her blessings -our merciful God who worked in her life through you.

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