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(19 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Iulian Mihai (born in 2006) and Vasile (born in 2005) have been a part of our family since 2009 after the community of which the family was a part of asked us to intervene and do something for the children. Their parents, both alcoholics, used to leave their children alone, suffering from hunger and thirst, living in abominable conditions for days until their mother and father would wake up from their drunkenness. The children's lives were in real, imminent danger.

Throughout these years, we were able to see an immense progress in their development, not only physical, mental, but also emotional and spiritual. We tried obtaining some additional information from the village authorities but all we found out was that the spouses separated and each of them have started a new life. When we were finally able to locate the mother, she was in a deplorable state, unable to remember how many children she has or with how many partners.

Although the two brothers adapted well to our environment, we could see the pain in their eyes whenever relatives were visiting other children or each summer holiday when most of their friends were able to spend weeks in a row with their families and they had to face the loneliness of having no family. But God saw their sufferings and last fall, a family residing in a village next to Botosani expressed the desire to take them into foster care. They started their relationship slowly, first with weekends spent together, then with entire school holidays and together they let God work in their hearts until they all felt they could not be apart any longer. The brothers are adapting well to their new family and enjoy living in a very nice house, with a big yard and animals to tend to. The void in their hearts is now filled with the affection of a family and we are grateful our God has worked in such a miraculous way! Thank you for supporting them throughout the years and may God reward all your efforts.

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