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Edera Sponsor

(17 yr old girl)


About Me

Edera was only 5 when she came to the Hand of Help orphanage with her brother, Florin.

Having been moved away from their chaotic family environment and placed into foster care, a professional social worker looked after them for three years.

However, as the legal provisions prevented the social worker from fostering children after a certain age, and because Florin was suffering from a congenital disease, she could no longer take care of them. As a result, the local authorities contacted Hand of Help, hoping that they would find a home with us.

Edera has been with us ever since. In what seems to be a blink of an eye, she grew up under our watch and became a fine young woman. She has continually learned throughout the years from the many role models within our ministry. Edera dedicates her time to acquire essential skills and develop abilities that will help her in her independent life- she spends her time cleaning, cooking, taking care of the younger ones, and helping them with their homework. She also loves playing the violin and is a part of our orchestra.

She has dedicated herself to working hard in school from an early age, and her efforts have paid off.  Edera was admitted to one of our best local high schools and plans to pursue higher education upon graduation. She desires to study Pharmacology, a challenging specialty that will require a lot of hard work, dedication, and financial support.

As many of you know, what sets us apart from other orphanages is our desire to support our children through higher education, trade schools, job placement, and marriage.

We pray that God will lead her in His will and that He will make clear the path that she is to take!

Thank you for your love and support for this ministry and our children! We know that stories like Edera’s would not be possible without you, and we give God all the glory for His faithfulness in providing a helping hand for the widow and the fatherless through obedient servants like you!

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