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(26 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Estera, together with her siblings Magda, Lidia and Andrei were considered the "miracle" children upon their arrival at Hand of Help. Virginia used to travel every morning to the villages in search for abandoned children that could be taken under our care. One night she dreamt specifically of a baby girl and knew that she was supposed to go to the villages in search for her. The second day she travelled until she was able to find Lidia, Estera's sister, the exact same girl that she had dreamt of. Estera was living in horrific conditions with her siblings and their mother. Their father had recently passed away and they were left all alone, with no means to survive. They were living in something that could hardly be called a house, a bare room with no windows, just clear plastic covering to keep the rain away and no flooring.

We took all four siblings under our care. They had to spend some time under special care as they were malnourished and had numerous medical problems but soon enough got better and started their journey with us.

Years have gone by; Estera dedicated her time to studying and finished high school. During her last year in high school she was included in our Safe Harbor project, a project designed specifically for young adults in preparation for independent living. The main goal was to teach her how to take care of herself, to organize her time according to a family structure, to balance a budget, to clean, to do her own shopping, laundry, cooking, all while she continued her school studies. One of our social workers guided her first steps as a independent young woman and she meticulously learned how to take care of herself, her finances and her house.

Estera and Lidia both took a course as estheticians and enjoyed practicing on the employees and girls in our orphanage.

Estera has left our orphanage and embarked on her journey as an independent woman, wife and mother. She is now working abroad and continues to keep in touch with her siblings. Her brother Andrei has decided to also follow Jesus and got baptized and we are grateful to know that they both attend the same church abroad and continue on the path that they have been guided on in our orphanage.

Thank you for keeping her and her family in your prayers. We ask God to always show her His ways and guide her through all life's obstacles!

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