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(22 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Alina was born in 2001. Together with her sisters, Petronela and Ionela, they became a part of the Hand of Help orphanage in 2006; at that time their parents were in trouble with the law.

Their childhood was taken away in an instance, but our God, in His grace, gave the sisters a chance at a new future. Alina found a place where she could grow, develop and most importantly learn about God, salvation and the place He has prepared for His children.

Early on we realized what a beautiful voice God has given Alina. She often sang and recited poems in our church fellowship. Dynamic and full of life, Alina was always involved in many orphanage activities!

After finishing her high school studies, Alina decided to start independent life. As she oftentimes spent her free time helping around the orphanage and especially in the kitchen, she easily found a job and started life as an adult. We were able to supervise her departure and financially help her move to her new place and enjoy having her visit the orphanage whenever she is in the area.

After being paroled, her mother decided to move abroad. Alina keeps in contact with both her sister and mother and they see each other especially during the holidays when they all meet back home in Romania.

Please pray for Alina that she stays close to the Lord and continues to have a joyful heart, being a light to all those around her. 

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