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Danusia Sponsor

(17 yr old girl)


About Me

Danusia has been a part of Hand of Help family since 2008. After being found in the stairway of an apartment building where her mother used to find shelter, the local Child Protection Authorities asked us to take her in as an emergency case.  Without having a proper place to live for years, her immune system had been majorly affected. After her admission to our orphanage, she had to be treated for acute pneumonia and other various illnesses due to the lack of care and nutrition.

Danusia is now a studious young girl who loves to get involved in the day to day activities at the orphanage. She also loves singing to our Lord and participates in the worship at the Messiah Church. Oftentimes, we find her learning new songs together with other children in our center. We are so grateful to see the light in their eyes as they express their love to our Lord, the One who saved them!

A few years later, Danusia's sisters, Andreea (born in 2006) and Lorena (born in 2007) also became a part of the Hand of Help family after spending many years in foster care. It is such a blessing to see the sisters together! Please join us in praying for them as we ask our Lord to guide their every step and help them continue to be His obedient children!


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