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Iulia Sponsor

(17 yr old girl)


About Me

Iulia, born in July 2006, and her sister Georgiana have been with Hand of Help since 2009. The parents of the two little girls are both suffering from schizophrenia and often times the children were abandoned and neglected for days. The community where the family belongs asked for our help and consequently, Iulia has become a part of our family.

Iulia is suffering from a neurological disorder and is experiencing delays in her mental development. As a consequence of her hard time adapting to a normal school, we decided to enroll Iulia at a special needs school for arts and crafts in 2014 in a nearby city. Iulia currently attends the classes at that school but spends some of her weekends and all her holidays at the Hand of Help orphanage.

We are grateful to see major changes in her behavior - she is more responsible, communicates more fluently, she has even changed her negative conduct towards other children. We constantly talk to her over the phone and try to get involved in as many projects as possible with her school.

We are also responsible for her medication and for all her expenses, such as clothing and school supplies.

Her parents refuse to keep in touch. They are both under the care of the Neuropsychiatric hospital; her father comes by our center just to ask for money and never to see the girls.

We hope that a special class will be soon established at a nearby school. We would like to be able to have Iulia closer to the orphanage so that she can stay in our center and be close to her sister. It is her deepest wish to not be separated from Georgiana. We pray that this change will soon take place.

Please join us in praying for complete healing, mentally, emotionally and physically, and for the Lord to fill the void in her little heart.

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