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(26 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Iedera comes from a harmful, dysfunctional family environment. Both her parents are notorious alcoholics and unable to take care of themselves, let alone their child or home. Although the local authorities had tried to counsel them on numerous occasions, Iedera remained in danger of losing her life due to the lack of nourishment, but also due to the daily abuse she was experiencing. In October 2008, we were called to take her out of that terrifying environment. However, we have to face the anger of her mother, who kept coming at our orphanage, in a visible state of drunkenness, asking for her daughter back.

After two years at Hand of Help, we let Iedera visit her parents during her summer holiday. We have prayed that they would start changing their lives and be able to take care of their daughter as they should. Her parents were glad to have her again and promised us that they will make an effort to improve their condition and abandon their vices.

Despite all their promises, they haven't been able to do that thus far and every time the Child Protection Service officers visit them, they find Iedera's parents in a deplorable state, drunk and dirty, living in abominable conditions.

Iedera is currently in the seventh grade and loves roller skating and drawing. Her biggest desire is to see her parents improve their lifestyle and to be able to return home. Although she is well integrated in our big home, there is nothing that could replace her parents' true affection and she prays daily for our Lord to work in her family and bring harmony and balance to their lives. Please keep her and her family in your prayers! Although her parents failed so many times to escape the trap of vices, our God is able to restore their lives and make them a testimony of His grace and love!

Update 5/27/2016

Iedera has just turned 18 this past March. We had the joy to have her with us for the last 8 years and we are glad to see the huge transformation in her life.  Being considered an adult and having the option to start her independent life, Iedera has decided to leave our orphanage after finishing her studies in the textile work and tailoring department of the school she attended.  Her wish is to work in this field, start a family and put into practice everything she was taught in our center. She has also decided to get baptized and put her life at the feet of Jesus.

Even though her parents are non-believers, alcoholics and have a very disorganized family life, Iedera wants to prove that, with the help of our Lord, she can change the family's path and heritage. Let us pray that she can be an example to her entire family, leading them to Christ and bringing change into their lives. She is about to face all life's obstacles and she needs all of our prayers. We believe that everything she was taught thus far has prepared her for this step and we hope she will be a light in this world, making known His Name, and showing gratitude in everything!

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