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(25 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Miriam is one of the nine siblings in her family. She was part of our orphanage family since December 2005. Her father died while Miriam's mother was pregnant with her last child. The family was struggling with poverty and had no one to help them survive.

The local church, through their pastor, decided to ask for our help and we were able to welcome Miriam, her four sisters and soon afterwards, their youngest brother, Abel, into our family. Their mother tried keeping in touch with them; however after deciding to leave the country to work abroad, the children suffered a lot, missing their motherly bond and having to endure yet another type of abandonment.

When she returned to Romania, we told her that Abel could no longer stay apart from her and she decided to take her youngest back. With your sacrificial support, we helped her renovate their old country home, making it a proper family environment, and Abel was soon able to move back to be with his mother.

Miriam's sisters have graduated high school/ college and are now working either in Romania or abroad, with families of their own and being living proof of the difference you are making in the lives of our orphans.

With a passion in Romanian literature and foreign languages, Miriam attended college in Iasi, specializing in Romanian Arts and Literature. Following her older sister's example, Miriam decided to work stateside during her summer breaks while in college.

It was during one such summer that Miriam met her future husband, Kevin, who was visiting the very city she was working in.

They started a long distance relationship and during a visit to Romania, Kevin proposed.

After her graduation, Miriam came back stateside and got married in the summer of 2019. We have witnessed the divine orchestration of all these events in Miriam's life and we are grateful to see another one of our own all grown up and starting independent life. Miriam and her husband will be living in the US, while still keeping in touch with all her relatives back home.

We thank you for helping us make such a tremendous difference in Miriam's life. Please continue to keep Miriam in your prayers as she steps into her new life along her husband and desires to be a Godly woman, resting in His Word and putting her hope in Him!

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