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(20 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Liviu became a part of the Hand of Help family in 2006. He comes from a family of alcoholic parents. After years of being neglected and being kept locked in a stable, neighbors finally noticed the alarming situation and called the Child Protection Authorities. At the age of four, Liviu was finally free from the room where he had been imprisoned for years.


Our first meeting with Liviu was incredibly emotional. He looked at us in such a gentle way, asking for food not verbally, but through the piercing look of his big blue eyes. He didn't know how to eat with a spoon and he had never eaten the most basic of foods. All he knew was cornmeal mush. Years have gone by, Liviu started school and he slowly began making up for the years of neglect. He learned to read and write and soon became the center of joy at our orphanage. He used to love helping our staff in the kitchen and spend his free time painting and riding his tricycle.


There was one particular thing about Liviu that made him different, he was always singing while doing his chores! He constantly praised our Lord!


Under our supervision, Liviu was able to meet his younger sister. Because she is a child with special needs, she is under the care of professional social worker. However, the siblings have met and they are now able to see each other during scheduled visits.


We are grateful that our God put it on the hearts of a family from the orphanage church to be permanent foster parents to Liviu. He is finally getting the parental attention every child longs for. Though Liviu has a lot of making up to do, he is now a member of a wonderful family, in an environment that will enable his growth and development. Please keep this family in your prayers. May God grant them the wisdom to guide Liviu and teach him to always follow our Lord, knowing that it is only in Him that we will find our comfort and hope.

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