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(22 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

The siblings, Ana Maria, Diana and Cosmin, had a normal family life until their parents decided to get a divorce. Their father abandoned his family while the mother, deprived of any income, forced her children to start begging in order to bring home some money. After the local authorities found out about the situation, they informed the mother about the sanctions she was exposed to by asking her children to beg. Faced with possible criminal penalties, the mother went to live with her parents, in the lowest state of poverty, but soon afterwards went abroad and left the children alone.

The grandparents asked for the Child Protection Service's help as they were not able to assist the children and soon afterwards Hand of Help was asked to intervene and offer a safe home to the siblings.

Hand of Help was home to Ana Maria, safe guarding her from the abandonment endured for many years. However, nothing we could provide for her would fill the void in her heart and her deepest desire to be reunited with her mother.

When the mother finally decided to visit them at our orphanage, Ana Maria and her siblings were overjoyed to find out that she had not forgotten them.

Soon after, the children’s mother asked Ana Maria to move to Austria, where she was working, as a job in a restaurant had opened up and was hers for the taking. We were overjoyed to hear that the training that Ana Maria had received under the instruction of our cooks at the orphanage provided the skill set necessary for her to secure employment and become independent. She is very good about keeping in touch with her siblings and hopes that they can one day be together again.

Pray with us that one day their family will be reunited and ready to move forward, learning from the past and willing to improve for the future. Only God is able to make a difference in their lives and pour His love and mercy over them, breaking the chains of the past and transforming their family into a stronger one, ready to face anything as long as they are together. Please pray that the family receives the gift of salvation and follows our Lord Jesus.

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