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Alina-Violeta Sponsor

(19 yr old girl)


About Me

September 2009 was the month that brought Violeta to Hand of Help orphanage. After divorcing the father, Violeta's mother began a new relationship and decided to move in with her concubine, taking Violeta along with her. The new man never accepted Violeta and after the birth of Raluca, his own daughter, the situation only got worse. He would not allow Violeta to sit at the family table, he would constantly put down Violeta and favor Raluca. On numerous occasions he made her suffer physical and emotional abuse, including throwing hot water at her, resulting in her many scalp and facial burns.

In time, under the repeated influence of alcohol, the concubine started abusing his own daughter as well, constantly expressing the desire to get rid of both girls. The local authorities tried to bring a resolution to this situation but their efforts were in vain. The little girls were suffering the most, being left hungry, thirsty, lacking the proper hygiene but also feeling abandoned and missing the warmth of a family environment.

Violeta and Raluca's neighbors decided to call for help and it was through their intervention that Hand of Help was able to rescue the girls from the nightmare they were living day by day. The moment they entered our premises, the sadness and suffering in their eyes, provoked by the unbearable experiences they had to go through, could be witnessed by all. However, our Lord has taken care of them and has prepared a new life for them, apart from the misery of their previous years. Thanks to one of our Christmas projects ("A place at your table" where the children spend the holidays with family volunteers) a Christian family has decided to take Raluca into foster care after having spent two years with us.

Violeta is still at the orphanage, growing up and enjoying the comfort, affection and love of a real family, our family. She is making progress in her school work after years of falling behind and loves sharing her sweet smile with all those around her

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