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Elvis-Ionel Sponsor

(20 yr old boy)


About Me

Elvis has been with us since 2006. Along with his brothers, Alecu and Dumitru, he had to suffer the pain of seeing his family broken up by alcohol. Their father, a notorious alcoholic, used to physically abuse his children and wife, driving them away numerous times in the middle of the night. After years of enduring his beatings, the mother left their home and sought refuge to some of her out-of-town relatives, leaving the children alone, unattended, and having no one else to take care of them.

Having no place to stay, the children drew the neighbors' and local authorities' attention and when they started trying to find them a shelter, Hand of Help decided to offer them a home and a family. A few months after their admission to our orphanage, their mother found out her children were now safe, and got in contact with them. The children's joy was indescribable when their mother made her first steps in reestablishing a relationship with their father. After two years, the brothers were able to spend their vacation with both of their parents, enjoying the comfort of their family.

However, Elvis's father passed away in 2016 due to an alcohol overdose. His wife came from abroad to attend the funeral and the family was reunited at this tragic event. The three brothers have suffered a lot and it seems like this event marked their lives and their perspective on how their future should be. They are now more driven to study in school and want to prove that they can overcome the prejudice and make everybody proud of what they can accomplish with our God's help.

Elvis loves drawing, especially graphic design, and does very well in school. He also enjoys riding his bicycle and is constantly eager to learn more and discover new things around him.

All the brothers continue to keep in touch with their mother and spend holidays with her when she visits from abroad.

Please keep Elvis in his prayers as he faces life's everyday challenges. May our God guide him every step of the way and may He help him be a role model for others!

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