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(25 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Dumitru, along with his little brothers, Alecu and Elvis, had to suffer the pain of seeing his family broken up by alcohol. Their father, a notorious alcoholic, used to physically abuse his children and wife, driving them away numerous times in the middle of the night. After years of enduring his beatings, the mother left their home and sought refuge to some of her out of town relatives, leaving the children helpless and alone. Having no place to stay, the children quickly drew the attention of their neighbors and local authorities. While the authorities were looking for a shelter that would welcome the family of three, Hand of Help decided to offer them our home and our family. A few months after their arrival to our orphanage, their mother found out her children were now safe, and got in contact with them. The children's joy was indescribable when their mother made her first steps in reestablishing a relationship with the family.

Dumitru's mother is currently working abroad, in Italy. She keeps in contact with her children over the phone and visits them whenever she comes back to Romania.

In 2017, Dumitru graduated high school and is currently attending college in Iasi (Mechanical Engineering and Robotics). His firm belief is that God opened a door when he became a part of the Hand of Help family and he will always be grateful for this gift.

Dumitru plays the guitar and is also a part of our orphanage worship group. He enjoys listening to music and playing volleyball.

We are so blessed to see our children grow up and become models for their peers at our orphanage. Their stories are your stories also. You have made them possible and we are thankful for everything our Lord is doing through you!

Update as of April 4, 2020

Dumitru finished his race after a 15 month battle with cancer. We rejoice in knowing that Dumi put his trust in our Lord Jesus and accepted His Will and Sovereignty.

He spent the last few weeks of his life encouraging the orphanage children and staff to seek the Lord with all their hearts!

His departure left a huge void in our hearts but we look forward to our big reunion in heaven!

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