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Nicolae-Vlad Sponsor

(17 yr old boy)


About Me

Our twins, Vlad-Nicolae and Petru- Iulian were born in 2003. At only 7 months, in 2004, Hand of Help was urgently called to rescue them from their atrocious family environment. Their father committed suicide and their mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

The twins grew up under our eyes and have become the joy (and energy factor) of the orphanage. They are extremely active, curious and eager to experiment with everything. Our social worker has been like a mother for them. Her dedication and gentleness of character helped them overcome the stigma associated with similar cases. 

Vlad is a studious young man. He loves taking on new responsibilities and challenging himself. He takes Electronics classes in his free time and enjoys participating at various Hand of Help programs.

Petru (Petrica as we call him) loves biology and ecology classes. He spends his free time creating new items from recyclables. He has also started playing table tennis and is at an advanced level in painting.

They both enjoy biking and soccer and are always participating in various activities at our orphanage and in the church.

Thank you for joining us in praying for our twins. As adolescent boys, the challenges in front of them are numerous but we believe our God will grant us the wisdom to help them become obedient young men, always ready to serve Him and always thankful for the chances they have been given.

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