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Denisa Maria

(25 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Denisa, together with her brother and sister, left our orphanage in 2008. After working abroad for a longer period of time, her mother was able to return to Romania and rent a place in Suceava. Her desire was always to reunite the family. The siblings were able to leave the orphanage and move with their mother.

We are grateful for the wonderful way in which our Lord worked in their lives and the time we were able to minister to them.

Denisa has since started a family of her own and is currently working abroad. We thank you for being close to our children and giving them a chance at a future. It is only by God's grace that we are able to continue this work and we pray that every seed planted brings forth fruit in His time.

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