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(21 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Paula B. has been a part of our family for 8 years. In 2008, when the County Court decided that Paula can start her journey with Hand of Help, she had already been through various stages of the Romanian Child Protection System – hospital, foster parents, different other centers – she was in need of a stable environment where she could grow up benefiting from the love, care and protection of a dedicated staff that was ready to make a difference in her life.

In her first years at Hand of Help, Paula succeeded in slowly overcoming her past. She had a stable home and she could focus on school and developing her skills, without having to fear what the next day might bring. A few years after her acceptance at Hand of Help, she found her mother and began rekindling a relationship with her. She started spending her holidays with her mother and in the summer of 2016, Paula’s heart received the greatest joy possible. Her mother expressed her wish to have Paula back with her. Being remarried and having two children of their own, Paula’s mother was now doing well financially and was finally able and willing to offer Paula a home. In October 2016, the Court, ruling based on all evidence and having the protection of the child within the family as the main focus, decided that Paula can move to her mother’s house and the family was reintegrated. She has now found a place of employment and lives with her family.

We are grateful for the opportunity God has given us to take care of Paula! With your help, we were the hand of help that Paula needed at her lowest point in life. She is now starting her independent life and we pray that God will lead her and help her be a light for the people around her, always remembering what she was taught and influencing the world in good.

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