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Genoveva C Sponsor

(16 yr old girl)


About Me

Genoveva was born in 2007. Her story is sadly one we have heard so many times before. Since her birth, Genoveva has lived with her mother at her grandmother's house, her father unknown. A few years later, her mother married and left Genoveva in the care of her grandmother.

When the marriage fell apart, the mother moved abroad, searching for work, and met her future husband. Years later, the new family moved back to Romania and took Genoveva into their care. However, this situation only lasted a short while. Before long, Genoveva was back living with her grandmother.

Without a parent figure in her life and due to numerous tensions in the household, the young girl soon fell into the trap of dangerous online activities. After two attempts to run away from home, the local Child Protection Authorities intervened and decided that it was unsafe for Genoveva to return to either her grandmother's or her mother's house. Hand of Help was asked to get involved in helping Genoveva.

We welcomed her warmly, thanking God that He has given us the chance to guide her steps, share the Gospel message with her and help her navigate through this stage of life. She is grateful to have finally found a welcoming, loving home. She is striving to study hard to recuperate for the times she neglected her education and is also going through much-needed medical and spiritual counseling.

Please join us in praying for Genoveva! Only God can open her eyes to the truth and give her a new heart. We pray that God will strengthen her as she tries to overcome the barriers of her past. We might have a short while to help her, but we know God can bring about a complete change with just one touch! May He draw Genoveva unto Himself and be her firm foundation.

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