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Denis-Madalin Z

(19 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Denis was born in 2005 in Botosani. After his parents' divorce, when Denis was only two years old, his mother obtained full custody of her son. She immediately left for Italy, asking her parents to take care of Denis; he was reunited with his mother at the age of four. A lifestyle of bouncing around from city to city and even time spent out of the country proved a challenge too great to handle for Denis. He went through seasons of living with his grandparents, living with his mother, and often running away and having to fend for himself wherever he could find a place to escape.

Once high school started, Denis was drawn into dangerous entourages. He started going missing for days, refusing to work things out with his family. Finally, in 2020, his grandfather decided to take him back to his mother, but the several weeks spent with her and her new children proved extremely difficult. He left his mother and started traveling around the country, always refusing to say where he was going or how he managed to secure the money for his survival.

Despite their efforts, his grandparents were overwhelmed and did not know what else to do. Denis felt nobody could understand him. He refused to receive counseling and wanted to live somewhere else. Soon, he became involved with various bad groups that dragged him into their webs and left him empty.

When we met Denis, we knew he had much terrain to recover from and addictions to break. So our staff immediately started their work with Denis. The new environment and strict rules helped Denis. He started attending the classes of a local trade school, learning to do car body repair while spending lots of time in the local repair shop getting much-needed practice.

His relationship with his grandparents improved considerably during his time at our center. Denis was determined to try to stay away from bad entourages, finish his trade school and start independent life. The authorities noticed the changes in Denis, and since his grandparents wished to support him through this new stage of life, it was decided that Denis could go back to live with them.

Denis understood the efforts his grandparents made throughout his life to take care of him and was grateful to be able to go back.

Even though the time we had Denis in our care was short, we pray that the seed sown in his heart will bring forth much fruit. We know our Father is the only One able to bring about a complete change in one's life, and it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit would draw Denis to a life dedicated to God.

Thank you for your support and prayers in changing one life at a time!

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