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Naomi V

(21 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Naomi V. became a part of our family in February 2019. She was 17 at the time and was tasked with caring for her two younger siblings, Lorenzo and Emanuela.

The children were found by the local authorities alone, neglected, and having no one to take care of them properly. After their parents' divorce, the mother was granted sole custody of the children and for a while, they continued living in their family home. However, when she decided to leave the country and start work abroad, the children were left alone, with no adult to take care of them.

Months had gone by, and the children started missing school and were in danger of getting involved in various entourages with no one to offer them supervision or advice.

When we first saw Naomi, we could see on her face the traces of former and present hardships as well as a high level of maturity, obtained unfortunately the hard way. Naomi had many times been both mother and father to her younger siblings.

The moments Naomi was forced to take a parental role proved difficult in some areas of her life but strengthened her and, through Providence, ended up being a blessing as she found a family with us at Hand of Help.

Naomi and her siblings quickly adapted as they were welcomed with great love. Naomi worked hard to excel in her studies, but most importantly, she grew in the Lord, repenting and believing in Him for salvation and getting baptized soon after.

She spent her free time worshiping the Lord through her musical gifting, both vocally and playing piano, and also wrote a few worship songs, which she had the opportunity to record.

Naomi graduated with the 2022 class and was admitted to a university for business and management in Cluj, Romania.

It has been a year of new challenges for Naomi, but she has applied herself and has done very well. We financially supported her during this time.

Naomi has decided to work hard and be financially independent. She thanks everyone involved for tremendously supporting her during the past few years.

We rejoice and thank God for how He has blessed Naomi, but most importantly, for her salvation.

Please continue to pray for Naomi that she will make wise choices and that she will walk according to our Father's will.

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