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Livia A Sponsor

(18 yr old girl)


About Me

Livia A., born in December 2005, is the older sister of our twins, Nadia and Liviu A. We had the joy of seeing the children reunited in March 2020, after years of separation.

In 2011, after her mother went abroad in search of work, Livia moved to her grandparents' house. However, since they were both heavy alcohol drinkers, authorities soon realized they were in no position to take care of Livia. She was moved for a second time to a center in the west-central part of Romania until 2016 when her mother asked authorities to move her to Botosani, closer to her siblings. For the third time she changed places and moved to a family type child protection center. Livia was thrilled to be closer to Nadia and Liviu and used to visit them often, spend time together and talk over the phone every time they had a chance. Their relationship grew stronger in time and their love for each other was easily witnessed by everybody around.

In 2020, Livia herself decided to write to the Child Protection Agency and asked them to allow her to be transferred to the Hand of Help Orphanage. Oh, they joy the three siblings shared upon her arrival to our center! Livia adjusted easily to her new family environment and rapidly got involved in cleaning and cooking at the House of Joy! We were moved to tears to hear her say how much she loves the evening fellowship at her house! For the first time, she has learned to pray to our Lord and Savior and we are humbled to see God working in her young heart and preparing Livia for His work.

Please keep Livia and the twins in your prayers! The joy of finally being reunited is immense but amidst all this they need to always remember to turn back in gratitude to our God and let Him guide their steps, receive eternal life and transform them into obedient servants of His, ready to follow His will for their lives and labor for His Kingdom!

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