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Lorenzo V

(18 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

The story of Lorenzo, Naomi, and their younger sister, Emanuela (Ema), is one we have sadly heard too many times. The local authorities found the children alone, neglected, and had no one to take care of them properly. After their parents' divorce, the mother was granted sole custody of her children, and
they continued living in their family home for a while.

After their mother decided to leave the country and start work abroad and their maternal grandfather was unable to help, the children were left alone, with no adult to take care of them.

Months had gone by, and the children started missing school and were in danger of getting involved in various bad entourages with no one to offer them supervision or advice. Lorenzo was heartbroken when his mother decided to leave the country and always hoped she would return home.

When we welcomed Lorenzo and Naomi into our family in November 2019 (their sister, Ema, joined them in 2020), we immediately noticed how difficult it was for him to communicate and open up to us. He moved into one of our apartments at the orphanage, and one of our social workers immediately
started working with him.

Provided with a safe environment and having multiple people around tending to their needs, Lorenzo slowly started opening up. He was able to make up for the lost time in school, started playing the guitar in our orchestra, and developed many life skills and abilities. Above all, Lorenzo heard the Good News of the Gospel and saw the difference the Holy Spirit makes in the lives of those who respond to the Truth.

At the orphanage, he was a daily presence in our various activities. Lorenzo spent his free time reading and roller skating and often kept in contact with his mother over the phone. His teachers in school noticed his potential and desire to study, and everyone encouraged him to dedicate his free time to
applying himself to his schoolwork.

Upon her return to Romania, Lorenzo's mother decided to move into a small studio in Botosani and have Lorenzo come live with her. Authorities have monitored her efforts to reconnect with Lorenzo, and when Lorenzo asked to leave the orphanage and move in with his mother, the court granted his request. He is overjoyed to be able to live with his mother and continues his studies. He keeps in touch with Naomi (still a part of our center but now a student in a different city in Romania) and Ema.

Both Lorenzo and his mother attend a local church.

Thank you for your prayers and support for Lorenzo! We have helped him and his mother adjust to their
new life, assisting them not only financially but also emotionally. We continue to be there for him and
counsel him in all aspects of life, asking our God to guide him at every step and help Lorenzo grow into
an obedient servant of His.

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