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Ianis C Sponsor

(10 yr old boy)


About Me

We welcomed lanis (born in November 2013) and his sisters, Denisa and Delia, to our growing family in September 2018.

The three siblings had been alone since their mother left the country searching for work. Despite all the gifts their mother used to send them to compensate for her absence, the children were heartbroken, and one could see the suffering in their eyes.

The immense void in their hearts has, however, made the siblings grow very close in their relationship with each other. This is the reason why we decided to have them live together in one of the homes in our orphanage. We love to see them make new memories together.

Although Ianis was only in kindergarten when he first came to our center, we immediately noticed how organized and disciplined he was in all activities. These traits only deepened over time- he continues to be very structured and responsible. For example, if medical treatment is needed, he is careful always to take his pills and not miss a dose. He is very involved in activities around his home, and his smile is contagious. We cannot believe he is already in the third grade!

He enjoys making buildings and other objects from Lego bricks, doing puzzles, and loves memorizing poems, just like his older sister Denisa. He also plays the flute in our orchestra.

He brings a smile to everyone's face, and we are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to sow God's Word into this tiny heart!

Outside, he takes his scooter around the grounds of our orphanage and plays with his friends.

His mother is still abroad and can only keep in touch with the children via phone calls. However, their grandmother was able to visit the siblings at our center. Their father has a new family and does not keep in contact with his children.

Please keep Ianis and his sisters in your prayers. May God protect them, guide them, and bless them as they grow up, and may they always look to our Lord as their Father, Protector, and Comforter, the only One who can bring complete healing to their hearts and the overwhelming peace that surpasses all understanding.

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