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Daniela L

(22 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Anca and Daniela L., the sisters of Delia L. who joined our family in 2018, come from a family well-known to our ministry. Their family home had always been open to our teams whenever we visited nearby villages to help the families in need. Aurica, their mother, insisted that she fed everyone that came through, regardless of the number of people. She was a hard-working sister in Christ and was our contact person for different situations that our brothers and sisters were facing in the villages surrounding Tudor Vladimirescu. Moreover, she used to travel with us every time to personally visit the families in need and pray with us over them.

She was a role model not only for her fourteen children but also for us and every person that knew her. She kept an impeccable house, always made sure she had homecooked food for her family and all the visitors that came by, and her storage room was full of homemade jars of jams, preserves, vegetables for winter, and so much more. Always faithful, always grateful, she worked daily to make sure she was a wife, a mother, and an example to all, according to what Christ taught us to be.

The month of February 2017 was when we received the terrible news. Following a massive stroke and months in a coma, the Lord had taken Aurica home and into eternal rest. The news was so sudden that most people could not even believe it. Eight of her fourteen children were still living at home, the youngest being only six years old. With the father at work all day trying to make ends meet, his children were left alone, with no one to help them. The older girls, teenagers themselves, had to take the maternal role for the younger ones. After a few months, the father, a hard-working individual working two shifts to provide for his family, realized that he would not be able to raise the children by himself and assist them in attending high school, the closest being almost 20 miles away.
Although having learned so much from their mother and trying their best to keep the house in place, it was soon obvious that the older girls were doing this at the cost of their well-being and future, often putting school in a secondary place and heading toward dropping out.

When their father asked for our help, we immediately started working with local authorities to get the approval to welcome the sisters to our orphanage.

All three sisters adjusted quickly to our center and became exceptional role models to the younger girls. Having learned from their mother to tend to all types of chores around a house, they were always helping our staff with cleaning, cooking, mending clothes, etc.

When Daniela turned 18, she decided to move abroad to Belgium, where some of her siblings live and work. Being a hard worker, creative, and artistically gifted, Daniela soon found her place in the work field. Her passion is restoring pieces of furniture. We are incredibly proud to see the work she puts in and the beautiful finished products that she offers up for sale. She easily adapted to life abroad and is happy to be close to part of her family. She keeps in touch with our staff and the other children at the orphanage.

The light of their mother shines through her daughters, and we are encouraged by their unmovable faith in God.

We thank you for giving us the chance to help these young girls continue their path to maturity, making sure that they lack nothing and that they always have someone to rely on. Daniela's story was made possible because of your sacrificial love for Hand of Help, and we thank you for that!

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